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Google LSA Management

How plumbers can get more customer leads with Google's LSA platform - Rooter Marketing

Managed Google Local Service Ads For Plumbers

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In 2015, Google introduced a new form of advertising to plumbing companies in the United States and Canada. This was a real game-changer for the plumbing advertising industry. In essence, it helped bring more leads and facilitated the lead funnel for the prospective customer. Initially rolled out as "Home Service Ads", Google Local Service Ads (LSA) is a pay-per-lead advertising platform that allows customers searching for a plumbing service to contact plumbing companies directly from Google's search engine results page.

Since 2017, Rooter Marketing owner Nick Bedard has managed over $10 million in LSA advertising spend for companies across North America and Canada. Rooter Marketing's industry-leading Google LSA marketing strategy is proven to take a plumbing company that's nowhere to be found on the LSA board and stick them to the top within six weeks. To maximize your plumbing company's Google LSA performance, you need to understand exactly what it is, why it's essential for plumbers, and how it all works. Let's start with the basics.

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Rooter Marketing offers full-service Google LSA management for plumbing companies throughout the United States.

How To Get Your Google Guaranteed Badge

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At Rooter Marketing, we help plumbing business owners like you get Google Guaranteed. We are with you every step of the way - from start to finish. We take an extremely patient approach through a screen-share meeting to guide you every step of the way.

Essentially, we do what no other marketing company wants to do; take the time to help you—our Google Guaranteed success rate when onboarding new plumbing companies is 100%. But if you are the DIY type, here's how you do it.

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How plumbing companies setup their Google LSA profile - Rooter Marketing

Google LSA Setup Process

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Setting Up Your Google LSA Profile: Getting set up is extremely easy when you know the shortcut. At Rooter Marketing, we believe in making the life of a plumbing business owner as easy as humanly possible. So here's the official Google LSA Signup Form.

Eligibility: All legal plumbing companies across the United States and Canada are eligible for Google Local Services. The first step to Google's LSA Signup Form is giving Google the Country, State/Province, and Zip Code or Postal Code in which your plumbing company operates. If you have a multi-location plumbing operation, stop here and contact Rooter Marketing, as we have a special setup for you that will make your life much easier.

Create Your Account: Choose which Google email you want to use for Local Services ads. If you don't have a Google Account, enter your current email address to create one. You will need this to receive emails about leads and billing.

The right ad settings in LSA can help you reach the perfect customers. To increase your chances of showing up for Local Services Ads in a specific area, update or add service areas and job types that match what people searching on Google. Do make sure you take the time to double check your entries as the following steps are important.

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How plumbers enter their business details in Google's LSA platform - Rooter Marketing

Your Plumbing Business Details On Google Local Services

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Business Details: You need to fill in the information Google asks for in the business detail section so that customers can contact you. A business number or tracking number is required here to start. However, you don't necessarily need a website. A website can be added at a later date, but you're not going to be able to do that manually. Rooter Marketing can take care of that for you, or you can call Google directly.

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How plumbing companies setup their service area so that their ad is shown to the right local customers in Google's Local Services Ads platform - Rooter Marketing

Setting Your LSA Service Areas

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Your Service Area: Setting up your service area is easy. It's important to note that your service area comprises the city or cities you service. In addition, you can add zip codes in the United States or Postal Codes in Canada. As of 2022, you can choose service areas that you'd like to exclude from your targeting. Your LSA will not show up in these areas.

When you add a geographic area (for example, the city of Toronto) to your service area, Google will show your Local Service Ad to that area in two ways:

The estimated location of the person at the time of search: Your ads can show only to people who are physically located in your service area when they search and people who are estimated to be within a particular geographical location (city or zip code) while they are searching for your service. For example, someone in Toronto who searches for “Drain Cleaning" can see your LSA.

Names of locations in searches: Your Local Service Ads can also show to people who show interest in your service area (such as by searching for that city or zip code) even if they aren't estimated to be in your service area.

When you add a particular city to your service area, your ad can show to people in both categories listed above (people estimated to be in your service area and those who have an interest in your service area).

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How plumbers select their services offered in Google's LSA platform - How plumbing companies set up their Google LSA profile - Rooter Marketing

Tell Google about the services you offer

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You can specify the services you want to advertise by choosing from a list of possible services (such as “install water heater”) for your plumbing company. When people search for queries related to these services, your LSA will be eligible to appear. Your LSA will also be eligible to appear if someone searches for general categories related to your business (for example, “plumber near me”).

  • Find & Repair Leak

  • Install Faucet

  • Install Garbage Disposal

  • Install Shower

  • Install Toilet

  • Install Water Heater

  • Repair Faucet

  • Repair Pipe

  • Repair Outdoor Systems

  • Install Garbage Disposal

  • Repair Sewer

  • Repair Shower

  • Repair Toilet

  • Repair Water Heater

  • Unclog Drain

  • Install Garbage Disposal

Here's the catch, Google is in full control of the following list of services. You can no add to the this list. The rule to the LSA types of service game is simple; check them if you do them - uncheck them if you don't.

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How plumbers can adjust their business hours in Google's LSA platform - Rooter Marketing

Adding Your Business Hours

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Add the days and times you're plumbing business is open or is available to take calls.

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How plumbers can preview their Google LSA Ads - Rooter Marketing

Your Google LSA Plumbing Business Listing

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There you have it. Your last step is to preview your new LSA before going through the background check and sending Google a copy of your general liability insurance.

Like what you see? Want to get your Google Local Services up and running for your plumbing company? Give us a call. Our number 1 rule here at Rooter Marketing is to answer every single phone call. Don't believe us? Give it a try. Call 877-226-0039 right now, and I guarantee you that someone will answer the phone.