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About Rooter Marketing

Our mission is to help your plumbing business grow by helping you deliver a proven marketing strategy to your existing and prospective customers.

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Pride Plumbing Heating And Cooling 
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The Rooter Marketing Way - What Makes Us Different

Nick Bedard, Owner And Founder - Rooter Marketing
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We believe that for all plumbing operations to succeed, their plumbing company company must grow within their market and expand into new territories. Rooter Marketing's innovative approach to scale brings plumbing business owners the opportunity for a new era of growth.
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At Rooter Marketing, we're creating prosperity for plumbing business owners who are looking to level up. Providing a chance for plumbing entrepreneurs to understand their marketing. We are here to help plumbers make impactful marketing decisions through industry leading marketing strategies.
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Founded in 2020 by advertising veteran Nick Bedard, Rooter Marketing holds a portfolio of established plumbing companies across American that combine for over $50 million in annual revenue.
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Recognizing the demand for plumbing business owners to learn more about the wide spectrum of marketing and advertising, Rooter Marketing is the first plumbing marketing service company to take a consultant-first approach to implement its marketing fulfilment operation.
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In essence, Rooter Marketing has the tools plumbing business owners need to bring the results they expect to see in the markets they seek to serve.
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Rooter Marketing is ready to help plumbing businesses across America scale their operation.

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