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How Your Plumbing Company Can Start A Review Optimization Strategy

Did you know by implementing a review optimization strategy, your plumbing business will skyrocket in Google Map rankings? Well, believe it or not, it does. But, plumbing business owners often overlook the idea of review optimization. Some don't find it important. Others don't have the time. Most have no idea what a review optimization strategy is.

There are strategic ways, through marketing efforts, to optimize your reviews. And it all has to do with matching the plumbing service keyword with the customer's review.

Plumbing Review Optimization Strategy - Rooter Marketing

Let's say you're the proud owner of a plumbing company in Omaha that just invested in a new brand new Rigid SeeSnake and want more drain cleaning calls. Now you've already got a couple of calls on the board for drain calls this week to break this new $10k drain machine in, but you told your marketing team to go strong on drain ads to maximize your ROI.  You want results asap. So, how do you optimize your reviews for Google to ensure you're piling up those drain leads?

First of all, assuming your plumbing company in Omaha has a Google My Business Profile and a semi-decent review generation strategy, we can expect those customers who will get the first crack at the SeeSnake to leave a great 5-star review.

The common review generation strategy in the plumbing industry includes a sweet incentive for the service technician, often a $25 Amazon gift card, to kindly ask the customer for a 5-star review with his name in it. This is a win-win situation for the service tech and the plumbing business owner. But your plumbing company isn't doing anything strategically. In essence, you're leaving the opportunity for a review optimization strategy on the table. The secret is in the plumbing service, aka the keyword.

We must understand that to make a marketing push for drain repair services; we must put our efforts into optimizing for the keyword. And in this case, the keyword is drain cleaning. Now, Google is smart. They can understand close match variants to a keyword. In plain English, that means drain cleaning gets bundled into a cluster of keywords: clogged drain, drain repair, plumber to clear out my drain, etc. While drain cleaning is the keyword, it doesn't necessarily have to be drain cleaning. Any variant of drain cleaning will suffice.

Now that we understand the incentive for the service tech and the push to optimize for the keyword (or close variant of the keyword), we need to bundle these two together to begin our review optimization strategy.

Any plumber business owner can search Google for "drain cleaning plumber" and see the Google Map section between the ads at the top of the results page and the organic results. Within that Google Map section, you will see the top 3 ranking plumbing companies for "drain cleaning plumber". If you look closely enough at the three listed plumbing companies, you will see an excerpt from a review with a variation of "drain cleaning plumber".

Plumbing Review Optimization Strategy - Rooter Marketing

Now you know why it's important to implement a review optimization strategy and how it can generate immediate results in ranking for service keywords. Modify your service technicians review generating an incentive to have the customer include the service within the review. Sure, you can keep his name to make it easier for you to know what plumber deserves the Amazon gift card. But the most important element to the review that will help rank your business in the top 3 is not the technician's name but the service that customers are looking for.

This is one of the many review optimization strategies Rooter Marketing uses with plumbing companies to dominate their local markets. To learn more about how your plumbing company can increase your lead volume by climbing your way to the top of Google Maps, book a free 30-minute marketing meeting with Rooter Marketing.