Rooter Marketing Podcast #005 - Mike Marvon of Smiley Drain

Rooter Marketing

The Rooter Marketing Podcast recently featured Mike Marvon, the owner and founder of Smiley Drain, the fastest drain cleaners in all of New Jersey. In a dynamic and insightful episode, Marvon shared his self-taught approach to marketing, which has propelled his business to remarkable heights.

During the episode, Marvon delved into the importance of visibility and brand recognition, elucidating how customers often choose familiar brands even when other companies might provide better service. He also spoke about the evolution of Google, PPC, and organic searches, providing listeners with a nuanced understanding of the landscape that businesses must navigate today.

Marvon also discussed the role of exceptional customer service and its direct impact on Google rankings. He underscored the need for businesses to provide services when customers need them and warned against the pursuit of quantity over quality.

Marvon's journey, which started with an investment in a 1997 Ford Eco 350 van, has culminated in his owning one of the most recognizable drain cleaning businesses in New Jersey. He shared his philosophy of reinvestment in the business and the principle of "what you put in is what you get out."

Finally, Marvon revealed the personal motto tattooed across his collarbone, "Love me more sometimes." It serves as a daily reminder that his selfishness of putting others' needs before his own should not eliminate the importance of self care. He stressed that success is about making a difference, enjoying family, life, surroundings, and achieving contentment and happiness.

Listeners will find the episode packed with practical insights and inspiration from a self-made entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

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