Semrush is an all-in-one SEO Tool suite: SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, and more.

What is SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool for the SEM and SEO professional, SMM experts and agencies that are working in need of assistance tracking their keyword ranking positions, analyzing key phrases they are ranking for or want to rank for. SEMrush gives you an opportunity to work with a variety of tools all-in-one place that will save you time and effort in your day-to-day tasks as well as give you an SEM advantage over other websites.

SEMrush has been introduced as a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) software capable of analyzing major search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo at the same time updating analysis data on more than 40 social networks. SEMrush provides its users with the capability of tracking keywords position in search engine results, providing statistics about

SEMrush is a useful tool for performing SEO and SEM analysis on your company's website. They have an arsenal of tools that help us, help you, in every aspect of marketing: from finding keywords to analyzing the competition.

Why we use SEMrush

SEMrush helps businesses find new customers by driving traffic to their website. With SEMrush you can analyze potential customer behavior and identify the best places to target them online with a customized advertising campaign. Sites use this software because they know that SEMRush helps them make more money on less investment.

If you use SEMrush to lower your investment per visitor by lowering the cost of acquiring each customer, than SEMRush can assist in increasing profit margins for your company. SEMRush helps its users achieve top spots in search engine ranking pages (SERPS) by analyzing their competition. SEMrush gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of tools all in one place that will save time and help you managing accounts more effectively and give you an advantage over other websites SERPs.

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How we utilize SEMrush for plumbers

- Track keyword rank positions - Analyze key phrases ranked for or want to rank for

- Get competitive intelligence with their SEO & PPC comparison metric

- Get an overall authority score for your plumbing website

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