Heidi Chan: Life At Rooter Marketing

I'll never think of marketing the same. Rooter Marketing is next level!

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I'll never think of marketing the same. Rooter Marketing is next level!

Shipping Creative Work: Working At Rooter Marketing

One word: overwhelming.

But little did I know; that was just the beginning. I'm not going to lie, at first, Rooter Marketing was a bit overwhelming for me. I showed up with a University of Toronto Marketing Degree, and went home a marketing PHD candidate.

Rooter Marketing is next level - completely different from what I learned at U of T. They teach theory. Rooter Marketing is practical, we get it done!

"From day 1, Heidi has shown the perfect mindset to succeed in an industry that is constantly evolving. Her attention to detail is what really sets her apart from the rest. She doesn't miss much. We are so lucky to have her." - Founder, Nick Bedard.
Heidi Chan, Rooter Marketing

Meeting Plumbing Business Owners

When hopped on my first call with a plumbing business owner, it was scary. Not because of their looks. For the most part, they are all well dressed, clean shaved, and very business saavy.

But sitting in the driver seat of a deep strategy driven meeting, I felt the engine running on all cylinders. It was like, "competition here, leads there, growing, growing, growing". Stuff moves fast. It's kind of like controlled chaos (the best version of that).

I knew if I wanted to make a ruckus, I had to go hard! And I'll tell you what, on day 2 I showed up with the "make a ruckus" attitude.

“Having Heidi manage our account is a blessing. She's awesome. Whenever we have a question, we know she's one call away!” - Plumbing Business Owner

Becoming a real world marketer

So, I had to learn everything from scratch, from SEO to content creation to Google My Business, to name a few. It’s a process, an overwhelming process, that involved watching tons and tons of YouTube videos, listening to tons and tons of Podcasts from reputable marketers, and asking tons and tons of questions. I wasn’t willing to invest my time outside of Rooter Marketing to do that.


Because I didn’t had the willingness to learn.  But, when I did, overwhelming then became an enjoyment. For example, learning the Rooter Marketing version of the four Ps of marketing:

  1. Product: Plumbing service
  2. Price: We have to look at it
  3. Promotion: 10% off new customers
  4. Place: Plumber near me
How is working at Rooter Marketing now?

Now, working at Rooter Marketing is a more of a rush than the 4 Monster Energy drink founder Nick Bedard drinks per day. The best part, and I don't say this lightly, but the best part about working at Rooter Marketing is the creativity culture.

Upon entering the office, right there on the front door, you are welcomed with a sign that reads "Ship Creative Work".

At Rooter Marketing, it's about creativity.

And creative work is what we do, all day, everyday.

Now, it's long hours. We don't operate a traditional 9 to 5 here. But they say time flies when you're having fun. And there's nothing more satisfying then know you made an impact for those you seek to serve.

Ready to make change happen

Our vision is crystal clear. We are here to provide top quality work. Much like the quality of your Tankless Water Heater installs. We are here to match the quality you provide in your plumbing services for your community. Our community is you, the plumbing business owner, and we never forget that. We are here for you.

So let's grow together!

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